Open Mind to an Open Soul

Swerving surfing.. f*ck it 

Hi Rihanna! (“Inserts water droplets emojis”)

Hi Rihanna! (“Inserts water droplets emojis”)

Special Shoutout

to the ratchets that just moved in next door

homegirls voicebox will be damaged severely after all that extreme crying and hollering from 2pm to now 

 i’m about to bust out this 4 page paper that i aint start since spring break 

School resumes tomorrow

& i’m the least excited 

But like why are these Porn Blogs following me all of a sudden.. 

I aint got no porn-related content on this shit 


Hey sexy, I see you staring!

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My moms got it good

-Her Birthday is today
-Mothers Day is on the 11th
-Haitians Mothers Day on the last week of may

You know she’s gonna be getting lots of gifts and love like she gets on a daily

Lucky her!

She doesn’t even know what we have in stored for her today just know that I’m uber excited I love surprising people



These niggas ain’t loyal
Every bitch subconscious
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