Open Mind to an Open Soul

Setting my guard down has to be the most difficult obstacle I had to face this year…

They will always call you a hater when you speak solely on facts and reality..

Never believed in the concept of labeling anything …

Kanye Shrug

How does it feel to know that you suck at parenting?

Because butts are important in 2014¡

Because butts are important in 2014¡

The Capital G

Means I’m about that life

Kanye West has always been as important as he says he is

Kanye says..

It must be something about the 6th floor birds eyeview that these birds are telling their buddies because every morning I wake up to see another birdy just chilling …it was her calling …impromptu photoshoot with this beauty

Knowledge is Game TOO!

Knowledge is Game TOO!

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